Biała twillowa koszula z bawełny

Biała twillowa koszula z bawełny

Summit, white

249 zł

Klasyczna, biała, twillowa koszula z bawełny o długich włóknach zapewniającej miękkość oraz połysk. Doskonale sprawdzi się w połączeniu ze spodniami do garnituru lub chinosami. Koszula szyta na miarę.

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Tkanina Summit, white (100% Bawełna długiego włókna)
Kołnierz Cut-away Classic
Mankiet Z jednym guzikiem, ścięte końcówki
Guzik Arezzo, white
Nieprzezroczystość Normalny
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-13085

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"Nice fabric. It feels like a good year-round shirt fabric."

, 2020-05-05

"The fabric is nice and doesn't wrinkle as much as others I have tried. A bit sheer so you might need an undershirt."

, 2020-02-18


, 2020-01-01

"Very thin fabric"

, 2019-09-27

"good fabric, a bit more expensive than market average"

, 2019-09-27

"The fabric is comfortable and looks nice. Minor quibbles: It's a little see through (I could see my skin tone through the fabric, and the gathered fabric where the darts are is also visable), and it also creases very easily."

, 2019-09-10

"Somewhat transparent. Crushes too easily. Seems lower quality to the 'touch'..."

, 2019-08-27

"Not twill. More like pinpoint but still very opaque."

, 2019-08-19

"Not very good materials. I can buy a white shirt with similar materials at the avg price of $10 - $15 (USD). At ZARA, you can buy a great quality shirt for $30 - $40 (USD)"

, 2019-08-13

"Fabric is paper thin. Wrinkles very easily just trying the shirt on cause the arms to bundle up when the elbow bends. I will say the fabric is soft but unfortunately unwearable due to the transparency of the shirt."

, 2019-08-12

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