Blue/White patterned twill shirt

Blue/White patterned twill shirt

A lovely shirt with a nice blue colour in a white pattern. The weaving technique of this cotton fabric is called twill that creates decorative diagonal stripes in the fabric. The fabric is also wrinkle resistant and very durable with a soft, comfortable surface. Business classic collar and matching white buttons to bring up the white colour in the fabric. Wear the shirt to a pair of white chinos and light brown leather shoes.

349 zł

Tkanina Brandon, blue (100% Bawełna)
Kołnierz Business Classic
Mankiet Z jednym guzikiem, zaokrąglone końcówki
Guzik Coria White
Kolor Niebieski
Wzory Wydrukowane
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-4259

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