10 must-know style tips for tall men

10 must-know style tips for tall men

May 20, 2020

Tall men, in particular, often find themselves wearing clothes that don't fit well. Are you experiencing difficulties in finding clothes that work due to your tallness? We're here to tell you that it's okay, and we'll help you out. Here are 15 style tips you don't want to be without if you're a tall guy.

1. Dress in layers

If you're more slender to average built and on the taller side of the height-spectrum, using different layers to add dimension to your outfit is an excellent idea. Not only does this help you score some styling points by adding a vest paired with a sweater underneath a jacket, but they also create new points of interest that do not increase height.

2. Style with belts

All tall guys benefit from adding a belt to their outfit. Besides adding a nice classy touch to your business outfit, they help create a clean line across the body that breaks up the appearance.

3. Get custom-tailored clothes

A non-brainer, perhaps. Having your clothes custom-tailored will make everything so much easier. For taller guys, the best option to achieve a perfect fit is often to go custom.

4. Skip the vertical stripes

While it's a trendy pattern, vertical stripes will enhance your height and make you appear taller than you are. If you're into the striped style, choose horizontal lines that will break up the appearance. Also, select stripes that are a bit thicker in the design. A dress shirt with thin stripes is best to avoid if you're tall.

5. Avoid wearing too-tight jeans

We're all for fitted clothing; if by fitted, you mean custom-tailored. However, try to stay clear of excessively tight jeans or pants that will only make you look taller and skinnier as they emphasize your tallness. If you're into the slender style, go for slim or fitted pants that will give you the look you want without making you look too tall.

6. Suit jackets, all day, every day

If you're both on the tall and skinny side, wearing a suit jacket or blazer whenever possible will do both your style and appearance good. These garments nicely accentuate your shoulders and add a bit of broadness to them. Although, make sure not to over-do the padding if you don't want to time travel straight back to the '80s.

7. Make use of contrasts

Playing with different textures, colors, and patterns on both your upper land lower body will break up your tall silhouette in a nice way in a similar way that a belt does.

8. Wear long trench coats

Trench coats are trendy, sophisticated, and much underrated. If you're a tall guy and looking to invest in this quality piece of a garment, make sure that it falls at least below the knee, mid-calf is to prefer if you can find it. Avoid coats in thigh- or waist-length as they will only emphasize your length.

9. Go for shoes in bold prints

A printed shoe does not only add a couple of style points to your outfit; they keep the attention down low instead of shooting up. They also tend to shorten the appearance of your feet, as most tall men often have big feet.

10. Avoid low-rise pants

Don't bother wearing low-rise if you're on the taller side, which will only elongate the torso. Instead, choose mid- to high-rise cuts for a more proportional look.

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