Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here you can find the questions most commonly asked by our customers. They are divided into different categories for faster and easier navigation.

Placing an order

+ I just placed an order but realized that I want to change some details. What do I do?

Please write an email to our customer support directly and let us know which changes you would like to make. As orders can go in production quite quickly, it is important that you do this as soon as possible so we can apply the changes to the order before the fabric for your garments is cut.

+ I would like to order a present for another person. What should I do?

To make sure that the order is being placed correctly, please change the address details in your profile to the address of the person that you would like to send the present to. This is especially important if you want to order for somebody living in another country than you, considering that different currencies and VATs are affected. Please change the address details first back to your own address after the parcel has been dispatched.

+ What is the fastest way to order a gift certificate?

We offer you the option for a downloadable gift certificate if the amount for the order is paid at the same time when the order is placed. Just choose Download as the delivery method and the gift certificate will be available as a pdf-file after the order has been placed. We also automatically send you an email containing the file to the email address stated in your profile. If you order a present for somebody living in another country, please keep in mind to change to that country in order to get the correct currency on the gift certificate.

+ I designed an great shirt/pair of chinos/etc. in my last order. How do I order with the same measurements and design without having to start from scratch?

This is a simple one: just log in onto your customer account and go to your previous orders. Click on the garment that you want to re-order and the option Load shirt/chinos/etc. into designer will appear. Click on that and your garment appear in the designer. Now you can change any details in design and measurement as well or just put the garment in your shopping cart straight away. Please note that not always all fabrics and design option will be available - in this case a pop-up window will appear to inform you about this.

+ I would like to save my shopping cart/design.

Put your designs that you want to save in your shopping cart, make sure that you are logged in. This way your cart is saved for 14 days.


+ Where can I learn more about fabrics?

On our homepage you can read more about the fabric that we use for our garments. In the section Fabrics you can search after different patterns and weaving types. Here you will also find more information about a particular fabric and can order sample by clicking on the red scissor symbol to add a swatch to your sample book.


+ My gift certificate was not accepted. What do I do?

In that case, please contact our customer service stating the entire code written on the gift certificate as well as the amount itself.

+ How can I pay with my gift certificate?

In the shopping cart you can use your gift card voucher code. You can add more codes if you have many gift cards. If you do not use the full amount of the voucher, the rest is saved for later use and you can use the same code the next time you check out.

Delivery and shipping costs

On this page you can read all about delivery, shipping times and shipping costs


+ Where are your custom-made garments produced?

We produce all custom-made products in a tailor shop owned and operated by us in Sri Lanka. All personnel is employed by us and we therefore have full overview of working conditions, salaries, environmental conditions etc. As a consequence, we can guarantee that all production processes are carried out under fair and well-managed conditions.

+ Where do the fabrics come from?

We are currently buying fabrics from leading suppliers in India, China and Sri Lanka. All of our suppliers have agreed and signed our Code of Conduct. Read more [PDF].

Claims and Returns

+ I just unpacked my garment and it has some stains on it. What do I do?

It can happen that there are remains of tailor’s chalk left on the garment and in some cases patterns from the ironing process. Please wash the garment once according to the washing instructions inside without using any extra treatment or bleach. Should there still be a stain afterwards, please send us a picture of it to our customer service so we can investigate this further.

+ I ordered a garment and it does not fit. What should I do?

As for all garments that can be washed according to the care instructions inside the garment, please wash it first. We add a certain amount of fabric during production to adjust for the shrinkage that occurs during the first few washes. If you have ordered for the first time or with new or changed measurements, please send us some pictures of you wearing the garment (rear and front). Stand upright and relaxed with both your arms hanging loosely from the sides.

+ I would like to make a return. What do I do?

Since all our shirts, chinos, polo shirts, underwear, suits and coats are made to order from your design and your measurements (even those that are design suggestions) these cannot be sold to anyone else and cannot be returned. If it is your first order you can use our fit guarantee. Please send a couple of pictures of yourself wearing the garment (front and back) to our customer services department. Stand straight with your arms relaxed and include a message describing your problem.

Knit sweaters, t-shirts and accessories such as ties, bow ties, handkerchiefs, belts, socks and cuff links can be returned or exchanged within 14 days. Send the unused items in their original packaging to:

Tailor Store Sweden AB
Garnisonsgatan 48
254 66 Helsingborg

You are responsible for the returned goods until it reaches us. Order number or customer number must be clearly included in the return. Please also advise if you wish to have a refund or to exchange the merchandise for something else.

Customer Service

+ Why do you not offer customer service via phone?

To maintain a low cost structure we decided to offer customer support by email only. We aspire to always answer your query within 24 hours Monday to Friday. Should you not receive an answer from us within this given time frame, please get in touch with us again.

+ What is your privacy policy?

Please click here

The Tailor Store Size:Me app

+ Czym jest aplikacje Size:Me na smartfony?

Size:Me Tailor Store to skaner na smartfony, dzięki któremu możesz w łatwy sposób zacząć zamawiać ubrania szyte na miarę. Po wykonaniu dwóch zdjęć, podaniu wzrosty oraz wagi skaner Size:Me wyliczy wszystkie twoje wymiary z dokładnością zawodowego krawca. Skaner Size:Me jest dostępny w App Store i Google Play Store i jest całkowicie darmowy. Po zakończeniu instalacji postępuj zgodnie z instrukcjami, a my zajmiemy się resztą.

+ Jak działa skaner Size:Me?

Zainstaluj aplikację Size:Me na swoim smartfonie i postępuj zgodnie z naszymi prostymi instrukcjami. Aplikacja będzie miała dostęp do twojego smartfona i poprosi cię o wykonanie dwóch zdjęć. Następnie zostaniesz poproszony o podanie swojego wzrostu i wagi. Aplikacja prześle automatycznie zdjęcia oraz dane do Tailor Store. Na tej podstawie zostanie stworzony profil Size:Me, z którego możesz korzystać składając zamówienia na koszulę w Tailor Store.

+ Jak dokładne są pomiary?

W Tailor Store opracowaliśmy algorytm, który w oparciu o twoje zdjęcia, wzrost oraz wagę dokonuje bardzo dokładnych pomiarów. Wyniki są porównywalne z pomiarami dokonywanymi przez zawodowego krawca.

+ Jak powinienem stać, robiąc zdjęcia przy użyciu Size:Me?

Stój prosto, bądź rozluźniony, tułów powinien być w naturalnej pozycji.

+ Jak powinienem być ubrany, robiąc zdjęcia przy użyciu Size:Me?

Zalecamy założenie dopasowanych ubrań, które nie zasłonią twojej sylwetki.

+ Dlaczego powinienem podać moją wagę oraz wzrost?

Za pomocą tych danych nasz algorytm dokonuje dokładnych pomiarów. Nie musisz być bardzo dokładny, podając swoją wagę - niewielka różnica nie wpłynie na twój profil wymiarów.

+ Kiedy mogę złożyć pierwsze zamówienie na koszulę szytą na miarę?

Możesz od razu zacząć korzystać ze swojego profilu z wymiarami.

+ Jak złożyć pierwsze zamówienie?

Możesz od razu zacząć korzystać z profilu Size:Me. Złóż zamówienie na smartfonie lub na komputerze, otwierając poniższą stronę i korzystając z kodu otwierającego profil Size:Me.

+ Dlaczego nie widzę moich wymiarów w profilu Size:Me?

Nie martw się. Wyliczymy twoje wymiary w momencie, kiedy skorzystasz z profilu, zamawiając koszulę. Algorytm obliczy twoje wymiary, a następnie parametry materiałów. Możesz być pewien, że otrzymana przez ciebie koszula będzie doskonale na tobie leżała.

+ Co jeśli ubranie nie będzie pasowało?

Ryzyko jest niewielkie. Gdyby jednak coś takiego miało miejsce, skontaktuj się z działem obsługi klienta Tailor Store. Jeden z naszych doradców pomoże ci w ponownym dokonaniu pomiarów oraz zamówieniu darmowej koszuli.

+ Czy moje zdjęcia są zapisywane?

Tak, twoje zdjęcia są zapisywane na okres trzech miesięcy. Jeśli chcesz, abyśmy usunęli je wcześniej, skontaktuj się z działem obsługi klienta.