TMF Blue dress shirt in French oxford

TMF Blue dress shirt in French oxford

Ramalde, dark blue

449 zł

Versatile perfect blue dress shirt. Sewn in easy-iron French oxford weave cotton, this shirt has a silky texture, luxurious lustre and subtle miniature checked pattern. Worn with a suit, or dressed down with chinos, this shirt works perfectly for business or casual looks. The mother-of-pearl buttons add more than a hint of elegance. Made to your measurements.

  • Darmowa wysyłka powyżej 499 zł
  • Gwarancja dopasowania
Tkanina Ramalde, dark blue (100% Bawełna)
Kołnierz Cut-away Classic
Mankiet Regulowany, z zaokrąglonymi końcówkami.
Guzik Pisa - Mother of Pearl
Nieprzezroczystość Very opaque
Kolor Niebieski
Splot Oxford
Brand Tailor Store
SKU 26-12681

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"Looks and feels great, well worth it!"

, 2019-07-04

"Compared to the other fabrics in the order (and this fabric being the most expensive) - Having now seen/felt the fabric I don't think it is worth the cost."

, 2019-06-18

"Fantastic again - well done all"

, 2017-12-22

"too much wrinkles"

, 2017-12-07

"Very pleased with fabric."

, 2017-10-05

"The colour can fade so wash at 30 degrees to save it's sheen."

, 2017-09-26


, 2017-05-13

"first rate"

, 2017-02-13

"More diversity on easy-care fabrics (more colors) would be greatly appreciated"

, 2017-02-03

"The fabric is great but as soon as I washed it some of the tread started to create little loops on the shirt surface. I have a high end washer and dryer. I don't know if it's the fabric or other garments that were put in the wash as well but it is a little disappointing."

, 2016-10-18

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